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May is National Bike Month! A year ago few expected what the following months would bring and we are not yet out of this particular patch of woods. But each of us, in our own way, must keep pedaling. And despite the uncertainty of what's beyond that next bend, keep looking forward to the trail ahead. Gear Up, Get Out, and Enjoy!


May is National Bike Month!

National Bike Month is here and time to gear up and get out on your favorite trails and explore new ones as well! This past year has been a difficult period for the community and our continued diligence is needed when bicycling in our community. For more information and tips, please visit our Sharing the Road page.

Expand your area trail experience by exploring our Featured Bike Trails or come along on a Bike Ride with a Planner and participate in a Bicycle Roundtable discussion. View our Bike Month 2021 Events Calendar for activites and rides throughout the area during the month of May.

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Share the Road: Safe Biking in Difficult Times

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